Tuesday, November 10, 2009

you never can tell what you'll find...

I was looking for colored pencils...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Puggy for your comment about the kindness that we meet yet in the world .
And also thanks for your kind words .
Please continue to post on Xanga .
I hoo=pe I succeed to submit this comment here .
In friendship
Michel ( fauquet of Xanga )

puggyknits said...

Bonjour, Michel!

Anonymous said...

I saw you had visited mt recent post Kim and I am honored . But don' t you post anymore ?
I hope all is alright for you.
Michel ( fauquet of Xanga)

Anonymous said...

I see by your foot prints, Puggy, you came on my site today - please leave a word in this case . I would appreciate .
i read your xanga post of last Saturday .It is a fervent prayer .
This is a prayer of request . Do you pray for someone special who has been broken or for the mankind in general ?
yes faith saves .
In friendship
Michel ( fauquet of xanga )